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Mummy and a Mind – Must Focus

on 15/10/2012

I think  my blog posts up to now show something about my personality, (apart from my mummy mind!) that seems to explain a lot about my life, my inability to focus on any one thing. I am one of those people that like to know a little bit about everything (well to be honest, a lot about everything!), but I do not have a great deal of patience with sticking to one subject.

This explains a lot of things in my life, from the different sports I did as a child, to the subjects I chose at A-Level, to the jobs I have done, and up to now, my inability to choose a ‘career’.

I always wanted to be one of those people that was really good at something. Someone that found a vocation when I was in my teenage years and followed it through at university then went into a job where I excelled and became hugely successful. Instead I chose unwisely at A-Level, got distracted because I wasn’t interested, went to university on a course I got through clearing (so had no real idea about), and ended up in a job, that miraculously I’m quite good at, but that has very little career progression. Now I am a mother, my priorities have shifted hugely, but coming back after maternity leave, has hammered home to me, that I really need to be happy in my job, to be happy at home, and therefore I really need to FOCUS.

I think everyone knows that most women who work, and are mothers, have an endless struggle with the balance of their lives. I am one of those women that work, not by choice, but because the money I earn adds a lot to our household. I know some other mothers who don’t work at all, because they don’t need to, those who don’t work at all, because they don’t want to, those who work part time but wish they were full time, those who work part time but wish they didn’t work at all, who work full time but wish they were part time, or full time who wish they didn’t have to work, those who work for the money, those who work for little or no money (because childcare costs are so high), those that live on benefits, those that refuse to claim benefits, and on and on. There are so many different types of mothers out there so none of this is meant to offend, this is just how I feel. (I will hopefully go into more detail about working mothers and how I feel at a later date).

I work two days a week, 8:30 – 6, the rest of the time I am a stay at home mother. I love being a mother. The time I spend on maternity leave is so special to me, and so important, and it is a huge wrench to leave my children and come back to work, but I do work. The problem I have now is that I am not happy in my job so I am desperate to think of a new job that I could do that would make me happy, make me enough money to leave my current job, and be something that my children will be proud of.

Now this is the point where my focus is lacking. Thinking of something I can commit to and focus on. I think of my hobbies and could I make money? Things I would like to do, things I think I am good at, and just random things, but I have yet to find something to commit to.

These are just a few things I have thought of:

Jewellery making – I like to think of myself as creative, and used to make earrings and necklaces, always for gifts never to sell. This idea moved on to importing jewellery from Jordan to sell here, as you can get some beautiful hand crafted pieces at very reasonable prices. But all the pieces I have bought in Jordan I want to keep for myself!

Sewing – I often see things like bibs, hair bands, t-shirts, bags, that I think would be very easy to make, with the key to them being nice being in the fabric used. The distraction here, investing in a sewing machine!

Proofreading/translation – as I am a proofreader by trade (currently), and am blessed with a bi-lingual husband, together we have looked into offering translating and proofreading services to foreign students and business people in the UK. As to why we have got no further with this, I am not sure. I think we got distracted by having children, but realistically this is probably the best route to go. Perhaps I will think harder about how to start this.

Cake-making/decorating – I absolutely love cake decorating. I have been doing it since I was a young girl and love the creativity involved. I am not any where near professional as at the moment I just don’t get much chance to practice (as it is currently relegated to birthday cakes, 2 or 3 a year), but this is the one where I would be in heaven if I could do it as a job. I am hoping now I know a few more mummies I might get a bit more chance to practice, and as they say, practice makes perfect! This might be my part time/on the side job, just to do until I get sorted.

This is the Hello Kitty cake I made for my daughter’s latest birthday – mummy and a mind

Baby / wedding related job – I think babies and weddings are lovely and would just love to be able to do a job related to either. That is about as far as I have got!

I love things like this wedding website, with all the beautiful photographs and ideas. Well really I just love reading about other people’s weddings!

And I love companies like this:

A mummy who wanted more reasonably priced gorgeous things for her children so set about starting her own business. Brilliant.

Florist – As with cake decorating I love flower arranging, again practice is a bit of a problem!

Writer – I would love to, and really hope to, write a novel one day. But I really want it to be perfect so am trying to think of what to write about properly before I start. As well as having the time to commit to doing it properly.

Well as you can see, this is not even an exhaustive list but it is an exhausting one. I have so many little ideas, I just want to be able to do everything. But I really need to sort out exactly what I want to do with my life. FOCUS!


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