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One of those days when anything is too much for mummy and a mind

Some days are bad days, and should be written off as just that, a bad day. But some days I sink a little bit lower than I would ever want and I don’t quite know how to write it off. Today is one of those days. I am tired and it has been raining solidly for two days, the tram broke this morning so it was incredibly hard work to get into the office, and now, although it is nearly all over, and it is nearly time to go home to my babies, I am just tired.

I sometimes have these days where everything seems like hard work. It is like the world is conspiring to make things harder.

The rain – I cannot believe how much it is raining. Every time it seems to ease off and you start to think about putting your umbrella down, it starts again. The bottom of my trousers has been soaked two days running. And don’t get me started on those bits of pavement that sink just as you step on them, dumping your foot in a muddy puddle, leaving you squelching for the rest of the day. I was quite impressed in Zara though, when, as I walked through the door the security guard motioned for me to get a bag to put my umbrella in to stop it dripping all over everything. Brilliant idea!

The tram – I watched a tram drive straight past thinking, oh I’ll be alright I’ll get the next one, and stood in the rain watching the board go down from ‘6 mins’, to ‘4 mins’, to ‘2 mins’, to ‘1 min’, then seemed to stay there for ages before changing to ‘DELAY’. But it was OK because one was going the other way so would turn around and come back. But no, disappeared! And yet again ‘DELAY’ appeared. Then the whole service was cancelled. So I think I will go and get a bus, but of course I spent all my money on the tram ticket, so off to the bank for some cash, then quick run to the bus stop as I could see the bus coming. But it never came round the corner and then I saw it drive off in the other direction. Cue another walk (all this in the rain) up the hill to the other bus stop. Then a ten minute wait for a bus followed by half an hour trip on a packed hot and steamy (my glasses!) bus. Too much like hard work!

Now I have realised I have got nothing in for dinner and I’ve got loads to do when I get home. But hopefully the tram will be fixed, and tomorrow by the time I go out, the sun will be shining.

I think I should start a new collection, a good thing that happened today, a bad thing that happened today, a funny thing that happened today, and a lovely thing that happened today, and anything else of note. Feel free to join in.

So here goes:

Good thing: I found a shop that sells Kool Aid and Grape Fanta, yum yum

Bad thing: I missed a tram by about a minute and then they all stopped working, so I got cold and wet and had to walk for ages to find a bus, all to get to a job I don’t like.

Funny thing: trying to get my short, squat umbrella, into a bag made for long skinny umbrellas while being watched by a grim looking security man

Lovely thing: How pleased my daughter was with her new Minnie Mouse umbrella, so much so she didn’t have the rain cover on her pram, just held the umbrella up all the way to nursery
Sometimes being a mummy and a mind is a big struggle for me – but all days being a mummy and a mind are rewarding

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The mass emergence of the errant apostrophe – one of mummy and a mind’s biggest irritants

Now I am sure I am not the first, and I definitely won’t be the last, to moan about the errant apostrophe that seems to be appearing more and more often everywhere from facebook and twitter, to the BBC news website. As a proofreader my brain can’t help but notice it, and it drives me crazy. My generation don’t seem to have been taught this at school. But then that doesn’t surprise me. While at university studying English the lecturer actually had to define verbs, nouns and adjectives, as some of the students didn’t know what they were.

What annoys me the most is that now more and more errant apostrophes appear on television or in newspapers and magazines, the more people will think they are meant to be there, which will spawn a new generation of the little beggars!

I am going to start compiling a list of the worst offenders, and hopefully you will all contribute too. Then we have a nice collection, we can start the correction campaign!

  • Just one of the main examples on the BBC website.

Fox told BBC’s Breakfast that she has been working 80’s artists for her new album, and the sound is “80’s style with a modern twist”
Tut tut tut BBC, should do better. Perhaps you ought to give your online journalists a grammar test, or maybe just employ a proofreader or two? I am available, and now since you have moved to MediaCity, I only live just up the road

  • The Daily Mail is another offender.

The greatest 80’s CD collection

Please comment with any that you have spotted, the bigger the better, and I will keep adding in with my worst offenders. I know one thing for sure, as soon as my children know how to read, they are going to be taught about apostrophes!

Mummy and a mind

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Hello world! This is mummy and a mind

When I was little all I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a lawyer, with a hugely successful career, challenging, thought-provoking and tough. Then I met my husband, fell in love, and all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mummy. Now I have two beautiful children and a part time job in publishing, and am fighting with myself, my colleagues and society, to be both a mummy and a mind.

This blog will be my way of expressing joy, sadness, frustration and all the in between emotions and thoughts that come about as part of day to day life when you are fighting to be recognised for everything that you offer and be taken seriously in all aspects of your life, while fighting the negative connotations ascribed to you by certain aspects of society.

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